Welcome to MathsNZ Secure,
a secure place for teachers to be able to share internals and other resources.

We all create great resources every day, but so often we keep these to ourselves as there is no easy way to share them in a secure way... now that has all changed... MathsNZ Secure makes it easy to share resources with other teachers from around New Zealand.

You can get started now...

There are multiple types of resources that are shared on here: secure assessments (with and without student work and moderation reports), student work to tasks written by other organisations, practice assessments, in class activities and others.

To sign up send a practice internal, secure internal or junior assessment that you have written to [email protected] and you will be sent back a login. This email must come from a valid school email address. Please note tasks adapted from other sources (eg: NZAMT) cannot be uploaded due to copyright issues.
This site is all about sharing resources, so you can only get a login if you share something that you've made. Once you have a login you can upload, share and view all the different types of resources.


Access the resources if you already have an account.

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